Complaints Policy

In this practice we take complaints very seriously indeed and try to ensure that all patients are pleased with their experience of our service. When patients complain, they are dealt with courteously and promptly so that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. Your care will not be compromised as a result of you raising a concern or making a complaint.

Our aim is to react to complaints or concerns in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled. We learn from every mistake that we make and we respond to patients’ concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

1. The person responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service we provide is Mrs Kathryn Shenton

2. If a patient or Parent/Guardian has a concern or complaint it can be brought verbally to the attention of a member of staff who can record the details and pass it on to Kathryn alternatively it can be put in writing. If Kathryn is not available in an acceptable timeframe alternative arrangement will be made.

3. If the complaint is made in writing the letter will be passed on immediately to Kathryn

4. If a complaint is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges it will be referred to the dentist, unless the patient does not want this to happen.

5. We will acknowledge the complaint in writing and enclose a copy of this code of practice as soon as possible, normally within three working days. We will seek to investigate the complaint within a reasonable time frame depending upon the nature and complexity of the complaint. If the patient does not wish to meet us we will attempt to talk to them on the telephone or via email. We will notify the complainant if there are any delays and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed.

6. We will communicate the decision about the complaint to the patient immediately after completing our investigation in the manner elected by the patient

7. Proper and comprehensive reports are kept of any complaint received.

8. If patients are not satisfied with the outcome further help can be found from:-

0161 336 4075
NHS out of hours Emergency Number:
0333 332 3800